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All memories are traces of tears

for Cristina Álvarez López

‘2046’ is Wong Kar Wai’s most baroque work, a compendium of all his cinema that takes the director’s style to exhaustion. Narratively complex, the film is built between present, past and future. The protagonist’s love stories with different women cross the screen and his experiences come to life as the futuristic novel he is writing does. Love and memory, two recurring themes in his career, are the threads that weave the Wong Kar Wai film. The director saturates the film with everything that is characteristic of his filmography: slow motion, the use of music and voice-overs, working with color and framing … and all of this is amplified by a story that multiply its echoes. ‘2046’ is something like a train that flies through space and time and in whose crystals we see all Wong Ka’s characters refracted …

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