By the hair. A Story of Self Esteem – 2020 Movie


Juanjo (Antonio Pagudo) is a forty-year-old who, despite the fact that he did not have low self-esteem due to his baldness, his wife, Inma (Eva Ugarte), obsessed with image and aesthetics, is responsible for making him self-conscious about it. On the other hand, his friend Sebas (Carlos Librado “Nene”) is affected by his lack of hair and is willing to do anything to recover his younger version, something that affects his ex-wife, SofĂ­a (Amaia Salamanca). , and their daughters. Ready for anything, both get into a little trouble to get the money that allows them to travel to Turkey and be able to have a hair transplant. In Istanbul they meet Rayco (Tomy Aguilera), a young reggaeton singer who is having great success, but after his alopecia is discovered at a concert, he needs an urgent hair transplant. In this way, the three will try to find happiness through aesthetics, but perhaps they will discover that there is something far beyond the physical.

Nacho G. Velilla is the director of this feature film.

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