Fedora – Movie 1978 – SensaCine.com


Fedora, the wildly famous former Polish actress, commits suicide at Mortcerf station, jumping onto the train tracks. Barry “Dutch” Detweiller, a broke Hollywood producer, attends the funeral, believing himself guilty of the actress’s death. Two weeks earlier, Dutch traveled to the Greek island of Corfu in search of Fedora, who lives in Villa Calypso, a private island owned by the bitter Countess Sobryanski. Fedora has been living a life away from society, only accompanied by the Countess, the plastic surgeon Dr. Vando and his assistant Balfour, after leaving the set of a movie she was filming in London. Dutch goes with the idea of ​​offering him the role of Anna Karenina, his new movie. Fedora, impressively young, is delighted to accept, but the countess and the doctor have some qualms …

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