Josep – Movie 2020 –


February, 1939. The French government, faced with the wave of republicans fleeing from Spain due to the Franco dictatorship, decided to confine the Spanish in concentration camps. In one of these camps, two men strike up a friendship separated by barbed wire. One of them is Josep Bartoli, an illustrator who fights against the Franco regime and who drew pictures for the press during the Republic. During his stay in the concentration camps, he managed to get charcoal and continue drawing. When he was able to leave that nightmare, Josep went to Mexico, where he maintained a relationship with Frida Kahlo and was able to publish his book, Life in the concentration camps, which included drawings on the horrors of the postwar period.

This feature film is a ‘film dessinée’, a drawn film, directed by Aurel, a French cartoonist for Le Monde and Le Canard enchaîné.

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