The Dinosaur Egg – 2019 Movie


The Dinosaur Egg

Question of distances

by Quim Casas

The latest film by the director of La Boda de Tuya vindicates his Mongol ancestry through the landscape and how it is filmed. They are not characters in a space, but a space that contains characters. During the entire first half of The Dinosaur Egg, what happens is told through long and static general shots that do not allow us to see the faces of the men and women who move through that ancient, wide and ungovernable space of the Mongolian steppe . This is how it is in the opening sequence, when from the distant perspective of some police officers we see how a shepherdess shoots at a she-wolf to scare her away from the scene of a crime. We also see an inert and naked body, although we will only know that it is that of a woman because the agents comment on it. We see the young policeman, barely 18 years old, who stays to spend the night next to the corpse to monitor it and who eat

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