Bose QC45 Headphones Just Leaked – Here’s Our First Look


The Bose QC35 are among the best wireless headphones ever released. Thanks to a new leak, it looks like the QC45 will soon be replacing them.

A new pair of Bose headphones have just passed through the FCC, providing a clear look at the upcoming Bose QuietComfort 45. For folks that want to listen to music, podcasts, and movies wherever they go, the Bose QuietComfort series has been the go-to choice. This was made especially true in 2016 with the launch of the Bose QC35 (and a slightly updated second-gen model in 2017). All these years later, the QC35 continue to be praised for their excellent comfort, long battery life, powerful noise-canceling, and great audio. Whether someone’s at a coffee shop or on a plane, chances are they’ll see a few pairs of QC35s floating about.

People have been clamoring for a successor to the QC35 for a while, and in June 2019, Bose sort of delivered with the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700. The Bose 700 offer a more fashionable design, improved playback controls, and better noise cancellation – but they aren’t the direct successor to the QC35 that many fans were hoping for. The Bose 700 are $ 100 more expensive and don’t fold up for easy transportation like the QC35, making them a distinctly different type of headphone option. This was made especially true by the fact that Bose continues to sell the QC35 alongside the Bose 700 even here in 2021.

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Thankfully, it looks like a genuine sequel to the QC35 is finally on the way. Per an FCC filing first spotted by WinFuture, Bose filed two FCC applications on July 16 for ‘Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones.’ This all but confirms that the Bose QC45 are set to launch very soon. On top of that, the FCC filing also provides two pictures of what the latest Bose headphones will look like.

How The Bose QC45 Leak Compares To QC35

Bose QC45 FCC picture

As seen above, the Bose QC45 look quite similar to the QC35 they’ll likely be replacing. They appear to have a folding design, a power switch on the back of the right earcup, and physical playback controls along the edges. The same leather ear cushions also appear to be sticking around for this latest generation, which should result in another pair of extra comfy headphones.

Based on these photos, there are only two design changes that are immediately noticeable. In addition to the new tan color, Bose has also swapped out the QC35’s Micro-USB charging port for a much more modern USB-C one. There will likely be other upgrades to audio quality, noise-canceling, and battery life, but the hardware of the QC45 is a very familiar story. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and if they come in for the same $ 299 retail price of the QC35, the QC45 should be an interesting alternative to other noise-canceling headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM4. Given that there’s already an FCC filing and full device photos, the Bose QC45 could arrive any day now.

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Source: WinFuture

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