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Winter Horns is the third level of Kirby & The Forgotten Land, and there are captured Waddle Dees that need rescuing hidden in every level.

The frigid Winter Horns is the fourth world of Kirby & The Forgotten Land, and Kirby will have to rescue the Waddle Dees hidden in each level from this frozen wasteland. Kirby will reach this world once he rescues 21 Waddle Dees in the Wondaria Ruins and defeats Clawroline, which will also unlock the Colosseum in Waddle Dee Town. To face the final boss at the end of Winter Horns and advance to the next world, Kirby will have to rescue at least 23 Waddle Dees from the first four levels.

As Kirby rescues Waddle Dees and sends them back to Kirby & The Forgotten Land’s Waddle Dee Town, the town will come alive with shops, homes, and plenty of Waddle Dee residents. Rescuing 145 Waddle Dees will unlock the Waddle Dee Item Shop, which offers buffs for Kirby’s attack, defense, and speed. After Kirby has rescued 155 Waddle Dees, the Flash Fishing minigame will be unlocked, giving Kirby the chance to relax between adventures and catch some fish to earn Star Coins.


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The Winter Horns world of Kirby & The Forgotten Land has 49 Waddle Dees that need to be rescued. While some of these Waddle Dees will be found at the end of levels or by unlocking trophies, others are hidden in the more obscure corners of each stage, requiring Kirby to explore thoroughly to track them all down. However, there are no Waddle Dees hidden in the final boss stage, “An Unexpected Beast King,” but players can rescue more Waddle Dees by completing the trophy achievements for this level.

Kirby & The Forgotten Land – All Northeast Frost Street Waddle Dees

Rescuing a Waddle Dee in Kirby & The Forgotten Land
  • The first hidden Waddle Dee in Kirby & The Forgotten Land’s Northeast Frost Street can be found in the Vending Machine Mouthful Mode section of the stage just before the Warp Star. At the end of the right-hand path behind two penguins, there’s a hidden Waddle Dee behind the breakable wall at the end.
  • Just past the tilting platforms, Kirby reaches after using the Warp Star, there’s a breakable path that Kirby can stand on to shoot a target switch floating nearby with the new Ranger Copy Ability. This will open the gold gate, allowing Kirby to enter a secret room with another target switch. Shooting the switch will create a set of stairs that Kirby can climb to reach the second hidden Waddle Dee.
  • The third hidden Waddle Dee is trapped in the wall behind the large tilting platform with four snowball-rolling penguins. Kirby will have to wait until the platform tilts low enough to reveal a bomb block, which he can hit to reveal the Waddle Dee.
  • Once Kirby reaches the Stair Mouthful Mode section of the stage, there will be a platform with a breakable wall that doesn’t have a set of stairs. Kirby can climb to the next level to inhale the stairs, then fall back down where the fence is missing on the left side. After using Stair Mouthful Mode to break the wall, Kirby can walk to the end to reach the final hidden Waddle Dee in the level.

Kirby & The Forgotten Land – All Metro On Ice Waddle Dees

Kirby & The Forgotten Lands' Metro on Ice
  • Kirby will find the first hidden Waddle Dee in Kirby & The Forgotten Land’s Metro on Ice level just past the checkpoint where he gets the Hammer Copy Ability. There’s a platform a bit further down the path with four metal spikes that Kirby can hit with the Hammer to reveal the Waddle Dee beneath the floor.
  • The second hidden Waddle Dee can be found in a secret room that Kirby can enter by using the Hammer Copy Ability to hit the metal spikes on the column just past the first Waddle Dee location. Kirby will have to collect the five green crystals in the room to unlock the gate blocking the hidden Waddle Dee on the upper level.
  • The third Waddle Dee is hidden in a chest around the corner from the second Waddle Dee’s secret room. The chest is behind the bomb-throwing seal at the top of the ladder on the left side of the path.
  • In the next section of the stage, there are some moving platforms and a Traffic Cone that Kirby can inhale on the upper level. Using Traffic Cone Mouthful Mode will allow Kirby to break through a weak part of the ground under the moving platforms. Here, there’s a water pipe that will launch Kirby to the top of the platforms. As the platform moves, Kirby will be able to reach the final hidden Waddle Dee

Kirby & The Forgotten Land – All Windy, Freezing Seas Waddle Dees

Rescuing a Waddle Dee in Kirby & The Forgotten Land's Windy, Freezing Seas
  • The first Waddle Dee hiding in the Windy, Freezing Seas level of Kirby & The Forgotten Land is trapped behind a breakable wall just past the first Buffolant enemy in the stage. Kirby can find a Pipe to inhale on the other side of the red boxes on this part of the path, which he can roll into the wall using Pipe Mouthful Mode.
  • The second Waddle Dee is under the platform with the windmill in the Ring Mouthful Mode section of the stage. Kirby will have to blast the windmill with air to lower the spikes blocking the area, then drive the boat into the breakable wall to reach the Waddle Dee.

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  • On the platform with the Warp Star, there are two enemies that Kirby can inhale to get the Fire Copy Ability. There’s a small platform just below this area that Kirby can jump down to. The third Waddle Dee is trapped behind an ice wall that Kirby can melt with the Fire Ability.
  • Kirby will find the fourth Waddle Dee in a hole on the right side of the windy path where the Warp Star lands in the second part of the stage.
  • There’s a secret underground room that Kirby can reach by jumping into the hole next to the enemy-spewing Dekabu on the same windy path as the fourth Waddle Dee. Here, Kirby will have to use Scissor Lift Mouthful Mode to climb to the fuse on the left side of the room, then ignite it with the Fire Copy Ability. Before the fuse reaches the cannon, Kirby must use Scissor Lift Mouthful Mode again to climb inside himself. The cannon will blast him to a platform where the final Waddle Dee is waiting.

Kirby & The Forgotten Land – All The Battle of Blizzard Bridge Waddle Dees

Rescued Waddle Dees in Kirby & The Forgotten Land's Battle for Blizzard Bridge
  • Kirby & The Forgotten Land’s Battle of Blizzard Bridge stage is a pretty straightforward boss rush, but there’s a hidden room after each boss with a hidden Waddle Dee. The first is on the left just past Wild Edge, and Kirby will need to cut the Traffic Cone at just the right time to get it to drop onto the platform below. With Traffic Cone Mouthful Mode, Kirby can break the weak spot on the ground further into the room to reveal a treasure chest with the first Waddle Dee inside.
  • After defeating Fleurina, the next hidden room will be on the right side of the bridge. Kirby will have to use the Tornado Copy Ability to hit the button on the other side of the room to raise the platforms. The Waddle Dee is behind the breakable wall to the left.
  • To reach the third hidden Waddle Dee, Kirby can use the Hammer Copy Ability to hit the stake on the wall to the right after beating Wild Bonkers. Kirby must hit the stakes on the ground to push the platforms out of the way, then drive over to the third Waddle Dee with Car Mouthful Mode before time runs out.
  • The fourth hidden Waddle Dee is beneath the bridge before the Twin Wild Frosty boss. Kirby will have to jump down to reach it, then float back up without hitting the freezing water below.
  • There’s a gap in the railing of the bridge to the right of the Twin Wild Frosty that leads to a secret path. Kirby can freeze the enemy on the ground inside, then push it through the fence to hit the red button and raise the platform in front of him. The final Waddle Dee can be reached using Pipe Mouthful Mode.

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Kirby & The Forgotten Land is available on Nintendo Switch.

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