7 ‘true crime’ with stories as shocking as a horror movie


A compilation of some films and documentary series about real cases that could well have been the plot of a title of the genre, but that unfortunately occurred in real life.

If you are a lover of ‘true crime’, you will already know that among the increasingly numerous films and documentary series about real crimes there are some cases that could well have been the plot of a horror film, but that, unfortunately, occurred in the real life.

Some of these stories that we know through the screen from the hands of some of those involved, relatives of the victims and the investigators themselves manage to make our hair stand on end. Either because they have some kind of supernatural element, so common in the cinema of Teror, or because at their center we find ruthless people who were capable of carrying out really terrible crimes that deprived them of their own human condition.

An example of this are the ‘true crime’ that we compile below. Mystery tales, ruthless murders, and solved and unsolved crimes whose stories are as chilling as a horror movie:

Crime Scene: Disappearance at Hotel Cecil

This story that went viral 8 years ago is the core of the Netflix docuseries Crime Scene: Disappearance at Hotel Cecil, released last February on the streaming platform. The debut of the documentary series made quite a lot of noise in its day, because Many of us remembered that overwhelming and strange recording of the security camera of an elevator in which a young woman named Elisa Lam who had disappeared made the most strange movements. In it, the terrified young Canadian guest appeared with a strange attitude, as if hiding and waving her arms erratically as if there was someone else with her, but no one was seen. Days later, Elisa was found dead.

The case would end up being resolved as an accidental death, but it had the entire internet wondering what had really happened to the young woman: Many pointed to the possibility that it was “something evil” or a paranormal event related to spirits, since the elevator door never closed as if something or someone not captured by the cameras was holding it. Nevertheless, even more chilling than Elisa Lam’s own story is that of the place where it all happened: The Cecil Hotel, a place marked by tragedy and darkness.d that he had taken the serial killers Richard Ramirez into his walls aka “The Night Stalker” and Jack Unterweger, and in which other terrible events had taken place.

Can you see her: on Netflix.

‘The Watts Affair: The Murderous Father’

The story told in the Netflix documentary film The Watts Affair: The Murderous Father is as terrifying as it is heartbreaking, because is the story of a murderer who was able to take the life of his pregnant wife and his two young daughters, Bella and Celeste, who are four and three years old respectively. The terrible event began with the disappearance, in the summer of 2018, of Shanann Watts and the two girls, being his own father, Chris, the one who denounced the disappearance.

After a series of tests, the police would soon suspect Chris, who would end up confessing that he had murdered them at three and where he had disposed of the bodies. A story as terrible as it is real that completely shocked the United States, since behind the appearance of a perfect father and an apparently happy family, there was a ruthless murderer who, simply, considered that this was the best way to close that chapter of his life and start a new one with your lover. The Netflix movie is told through the many videos, photographs and various publications that Shanann showed on Facebook and it really makes the hair stand on end.

Can you see her: on Netflix.

‘The Keepers’

The famous Netflix documentary series is a story about the horrific sexual abuse that occurred over the years at Archbishop Keough’s Catholic School for Young Ladies in Baltimore, Maryland, in the 1960s and ’70s. The story told in The Keepers your stomach shrinks. Especially when listening to the testimonies of several of his numerous victims, but it is its starting point, a murder, that makes the story as worthy of awe as or more than any horror movie.

The seven-episode documentary series begins with an unsolved murder: that of Sister Cathy Cesnik in 1969, a nun who taught at the school and who, according to the title developed by Ryan White, She was murdered because she knew about the terrible abuses that some female students were being victims at the hands of the director of the center, Joseph Maskell, and his friends. The case was never resolved for the benefit of the institution, covered up by the clergy, the government and the Baltimore authorities, who not only did not investigate but were also probably involved in their highest echelons. Your stomach shrinks.

PYou can see it: on Netflix.

‘The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Hell’

The ‘true crime’ that Netflix premiered last May 2021 recounts chilling events, but it is also dares to change the story of the famous serial killer David Berkowitz, known as “The Son of Sam”. Also nicknamed “The 44 caliber assassin”, the weapon with which he carried out his crimes, David was arrested in 1977 as the confessed perpetrator of eight shootings that kept New York City in suspense for two years. A ruthless assassin was on the loose, killing his victims in cold blood at the most unexpected moments.

Some time after his conviction, already in the mid-90s, Berkowitz decided to tell “his truth”, assuring that he was the author of two of those shootings, but that it was all the work of a really violent satanic sect to which he belonged and that had orchestrated all the attacks as part of a macabre ritual. That’s the cornerstone of Netflix’s ‘true crime’ series The Sons of Sam, whose creator, Joshua Zeman, is based on the story that case-obsessed journalist Maury Terry has held for years. To date, Berkowitz is still considered the sole perpetrator of the murders, but many people, and even authorities, have for years believed the theory of the journalist and the second confession of the confessed murderer.

Can you see her: on Netflix.

‘Beware the Slenderman’

The Slenderman story is born from a ‘creepypasta’ – short horror stories that are born and become popular on the internet – but what is really terrifying is that the myth became reality in 2014, when Two 12-year-old girls obsessed with their devotion to Slenderman led a third, a trusted friend, into the woods to stab her multiple times. According to the urban legends surrounding the character, Slenderman is a spectral anthropomorphic being with really long limbs, who lives in the forest and wears black and white. His power? Cause hallucinations and nightmares in their victims.

Far from treating with superficiality and sensationalism the story of the two girls who ended up trying to murder their friend, the documentary film Beware the slenderman try to dismantle the legend that led to the crime, although it is also the story of a police investigation.

Can you see her: on HBO Max.

‘Dead and dear mother’

Another story that makes the hair stand on end and that is even more startling when you think that it is a true story is that of Dead and dear mother, released very recently on HBO. In the documentary feature film directed by Erin Lee Carr it is told the heartbreaking story of Dee Dee Blanchard and her ailing daughter, Gypsy Rose, a single parent family from Springfield (Missouri), in whose community everyone loved and knew. Rose had multiple disabilities and, as a result of her limitations, both she and Dee Dee were recipients of all kinds of help and attention. One day, Dee Dee turned up dead.

The death of the mother shocked all the neighbors and, when the police began to pull the thread, they eventually discovered that the story was related to the M√ľnchhausen syndrome. Dee Dee had made her daughter Gypsy the object of all kinds of invented affections and it was finally her own daughter who, along with her boyfriend, planned her murder.

Can you see her: on HBO Max.

‘Paradise Lost: Murder in Robin Hood Hills’

And finally Paradise Lost: Murder in Robin Hood Hills, a documentary directed in the middle of the years by Joe Berlinger, who is also the author of the well-known and recent Netflix series ‘true crime’ fiction film and series about the murderer Ted Bundy. In this feature film title, the documentary maker explores the case and trial against three teenagers who were accused of murdering and maiming three children in Arkansas.

The case reported in The documentary dates back to 1993 and begins as a horror and suspense film: with the discovery of the naked corpses of three eight-year-old children in a forest with clear signs that some kind of satanic ritual had been carried out.

Can you see her: on HBO Max.

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