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Diosito and Pastor’s final adventure is back on air, but when can you start the marathon?

season 5 of the fringe It is now ready for viewers to enjoy. After accumulating millions of followers installment after installment, the latest adventure of Diosito (Nicolás Furtado) and Pastor (Juan Minujín) comes to an end. There is a lot of expectation to know what they have prepared and, in case you are wondering, here we leave you with all the necessary details to enjoy its premiere.

season 5 of the fringe premieres on Netflix today at 9 am, so it’s already available. You have at your disposal the six chapters with which the creator Sebastián Ortega will say goodbye to his characters, ready to do a marathon and find out what fate will bring them.

The tension is through the roof after the end of the fourth installment, when a massacre takes place in the prison that ends with several victims. In the same way, Mario Borges (Claudio Rissi) is positioned as the new king of the prison and Antín becomes one of the great villains. Outside the prison, Diosito tries to look for himself on his own after Pastor failed to follow in his footsteps.

3 facts you should remember before the premiere of season 5 of ‘El Marginal’ (Netflix)

In the fifth installment of the fringe we will meet the inmates three years after the previous events. This will allow the protagonists to find themselves at a very different point than they were then. In the first episode we will meet Miguel, who, after his return to prison, writes about his experiences trying to alleviate his personal hell. Diosito has returned to committing crimes in order to survive, so it is possible that he will be imprisoned again soon.

You can expect the new season to be full of surprises, with unexpected deaths, strange alliances, and secrets coming to light to turn everything upside down. Nicolás Furtado already declared in an interview with Time that the fans have to be prepared for the big final fireworks. “The fifth season is something else entirely. And it’s the last,” says the actor.

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