Biohackers – Series 2020 –


Biohackers, set in the university town of Freiburg, introduces us to Mía Akerlund, a young student in her first semester, who just wants to meet her professor of medicine, because it has reached her ears that it has to do with a tragedy that happened to her family: the death of her brother .

But not everything goes as expected, and in the end Mia, after so much research, ends up immersed in the world of biohacking. An illegal world, where you will discover that the most sophisticated biohacking technology is falling into the wrong hands. Meanwhile, Mia tries to gain the trust of teacher Tanja Lorenz, since the two share a dark secret.

Mia meets Jasper, a very talented biology student, and Niklas, her roommate. Mia, must get out of the crossroads in which she is and decide what her feelings and her principles are: seek revenge for the death of her brother, or protect the new people who are part of her life.

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