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Throughout the six episodes, the two-time Goya winner for ‘The minimal island’ and ” The author ” enjoys the tranquility and wonders that the tour offers.

“The road brings out the best in one, good humor and an overflowing energy that has a lot to do with spending the whole day on the move. Exercising in the middle of nature encourages one much more”. This is how Javier Gutiérrez ends the fifth chapter of the miniseries A paradise on the road. And the truth is that he is right. The routes of the Camino de Santiago as it passes through Asturias provide the main pillars of well-being according to the World Health Organization: physical exercise, healthy eating, sharing experiences, learning new things and, above all, being in contact with nature.

The winner of two Goya awards, for The minimal island and The author, has put on his boots to walk the Caminos de Santiago through Asturias. Gutierrez travels the Principality from the coastal town of Bustio to the capital of the council of Allande, Pola de Allande. In this western area, which is the last point of your journey along the Camino that could continue through Galicia to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Via six stages of between 15 and 30 km, the interpreter reconnects with himself, rediscover the wonders of the land where he was born – he is originally from the fishing village of Lluanco / Luanco – and lives with different characters who help him experience his land from another point of view. All this so that viewers can enjoy one of the most beautiful paradises in Spain with its forests, its meadows, its beaches and its heritage: the Principality of Asturias.

‘A paradise on the road’ invites you to lose yourself in Asturias with Javier Gutiérrez as host

A Paradise on the Road It is a miniseries of six episodes -eight minutes each-, available for free online in El País. Today, December 23, the sixth and final episode premieres. Are you ready to do the Camino de Santiago on its Asturian side from the sofa at home or do you even dare to put on your boots to discover it in person?

‘A paradise on the road’, the perfect miniseries to fall in love with Asturias (if you haven’t already)

An intense path that is worth it

Last october 14, Javier Gutiérrez began his way navigating the Tina Mayor estuary. In a small boat, and envying the tranquility of the place, the successful actor dedicates himself to observing the small beaches that border the estuary. One of the main attractions of the Camino Primitivo is to be accompanied by the sound of the Cantabrian Sea, “always to the right” as Gutiérrez assures.
But not only the Cantabrian Sea is your travel companion. As you continue along the Camino, you discover a great paradise of lush green forests and small towns full of charm and culture. In Asturias you can breathe pure nature and history and its people have always been characterized by their generosity.

The different Asturian Ways of Santiago they visit the most spectacular places in the Principality, from the known Llanes and Ribadesella / Ribeseya to the capital, Oviedo / Uviéu. Without forgetting councils such as Grau / Grado, which are captivating the actor as the series progresses. All are routes give you peace of mind and oxygen how much I was missing after a year full of filming and stress.

The country

However, after that part of the route, the actor has one of the most demanding routes on the Camino: its queen stage, which assumes the ascent to Puerto del Palo and then descends almost 600 meters of unevenness. That is why it is not surprising that this Camino is called “The legbreaker”, as confessed by one of the pilgrims who runs into the protagonist on his way. Will he make it to the end?

End of the road

The end of your trip is through the Primitive Way through the Principality of Asturias. Despite the fatigue and the kilometers behind him, Javier Gutiérrez is very motivated and eager to continue. All thanks “To exercise in the middle of nature”, as he himself acknowledges in chapter 4 of A Paradise on the Road.

With 100 km already completed, Gutiérrez has already traveled more than half the Asturian Principality on foot. “I don’t even believe it myself”, he comes to confess. And that is how the fifth stage begins, recounted by the fifth episode, which puts the actor’s physical condition to the test by being known as one of the wildest. “I am determined to get to Tinéu. In addition, I feel that the strength of the Camino is with me “, he goes on to explain. Halfway through the stage, he is even encouraged to take part of the tour by bike with the company of Chechu Rubiera, professional and Asturian cyclist. Is there a better guide? Even if the actor confesses that he prefers the path on foot, it is true that more and more “bicigrinos” decide to enjoy the charms that the bike path brings.

The country

After this part of the tour, we will see how it is time to stop for lunch. And that stop, as Gutiérrez says, ends up becoming “An oasis in this tough stage”. To regain strength, what better than an authentic Asturian pot. This is when we enter with him in a restaurant belonging to the Club de Guisanderas, a group of traditional cooks whose purpose is to transmit and rescue the most mythical stews of the Principality. Thanks to this meal and exercise in the middle of nature, the actor ends the stage more motivated and concludes with what he considers the key to this personal journey:

It is the inexplicable force of the Camino de Santiago, capable of making a guy like me do more than 20 km a day

To end the adventure of A Paradise on the Road, Javier Gutiérrez will have to face the sixth and last stage. This will take you to the Grandas de Salime, where you will discover the magnificent Grandas reservoir. Then, we will accompany you to your last stop: the Ethnographic Museum of Grandas, where the connection with Asturian culture will remind you once again of your origins. And to finish, will say goodbye to the spectators from one of the most emblematic places for any pilgrim: the Whale Viewpoint.

Javier Gutiérrez has already achieved his goal: find peace of mind and reconnect with yourself. All this thanks to the charms of the Asturian Caminos de Santiago. If you want to find out how he did it, don’t miss the chapters of A Paradise on the Road, available on the official profile of YouTube of El País.

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