How to fuck everything – Series 2022


How to fuck it all up is a Spanish drama series that tells the story of Alba, a young woman with problems adapting, who tries to get along with her new high school classmates. The idea of ​​running away from her marries her has been in her head for a long time, and she sees the end-of-year trip as the perfect opportunity to carry it out.

When she discovers that the trip has been cancelled, she puts her head in her hands, tormented by the impotence of not being able to carry out her plan. But everything takes a turn, when she learns that a group of her classmates decides to make her parents believe that the trip is still going, in order to get away for three weeks. Alba believes that this may be the only way out for her, and she signs up for this aimless journey, where the only rules are: don’t upload anything to social networks, always be on the move and don’t back down.

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