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The disturbing and overwhelming fiction that has just arrived on the streaming platform is about to dismantle the dominance of Colombian soap operas that have been in the top positions of the most popular for several weeks.

There is a new horror series in the Netflix catalog and, while in other countries it already leads the top of the most popular, in Spain file 81 is about to dismantle the dominance of Colombian soap operas that have been in the top positions for several weeks, woman-fragranced coffee Y the queen of flow.

Starring Mamoudou Athie, file 81 It is one of the streaming platform’s bets to release in 2022 and, although it has only been available in the catalog for a short time, there seems to be a lot of consensus on the part of the critics in this regard, who describe it with adjectives such as “addictive”, “intelligent ” and an “intriguing puzzle”, among other qualities. The history? That of Dan Turner (Athie), an archivist in charge of restoring an old collection of VHS video tapes from the 90s who, as he reviews them, realizes that they hide a deadly mystery related to their author, who died in a strange way. 25 years ago.

The footage of the tapes was recorded in a sinister apartment building by Melody Pendras (Dina Shihabi) and many of them are damaged precisely by the fire that took place there, in the Visser Building, in 1994. While restoring and cataloging the images, Dan goes deeper and deeper into the mystery of the building and its residents, also discovering that the strange commission has come into his hands is not a coincidence.

As already announced at the time of ordering the production, Archive 81 is the adaptation of a very successful podcast of the same name in the United States about scary and supernatural stories as well as disturbing rituals and events related to the subconscious. The person in charge of carrying out the adaptation of the program, which since 2018 has already produced several seasons, has been Rebecca Sonnenshine (TheBoys), who acts as ‘showrunner’ and executive producer.

Given its condition of adaptation of an existing ‘podcast’ and the existence of a building in the plot, the Visser Building, which could well have existed in reality, It’s easy for some viewers to have been wondering if there’s anything real about Netflix’s new horror story.

Is ‘File 81’ based on real events?

The reality is that no, that file 81 It is a completely fictitious story.

What is real is that it started as a podcast, created by Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell, which has already produced three seasons and had a lot of fans when Netflix thought it was a good idea to adapt the story and turn it into one of its series. “A found-footage horror podcast about ritual, story and sound,” its official website describes. In it, its creators build the stories through noise and sound effects, while the series on the streaming platform has adapted it by including the visual part in the formula.

The podcast, like the Netflix series, is also the story of Dan, a man specialized in resizing old tapes whose new project leads him to become obsessed with the author of the tapes, Melody. However, the adaptation is quite free, but the original podcast can be heard -in English- on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and other platforms.

Does the Visser Building exist?

No. The Visser Building, which could very well be inspired by a real building, has also been created solely and exclusively for the series.

In fact, the series has not even been shot in New York, but rather the filming took place in Pittsburgh in full lockdown, one of the reasons why the set feels so empty.

The eight episodes that make up Season 1 of file 81 They are available in full on Netflix.

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