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Season 2 of the Turkish series that is sweeping Mediaset has already confirmed its premiere date. It will be next Monday, August 9, and it comes hand in hand with a timeskip and Eda’s daughter!

Love is in the air, the Turkish series that triumphs in Spain thanks to Mediaset, is experiencing a veritable maelstrom in the middle of August. The fiction starring Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel faces the end of its season 1 this week and, although there were doubts about when we could enjoy the second installment in the open -since the payment platform Mitele PLUS- already offers this possibility- , Divinity has just announced the expected release date for the new episodes.

Revelation series of the last months, Love is in the air has managed to captivate fans twice. On the one hand (1) with the love story that acts as the central axis, that of Serkan Bolat and Eda, but also (2) because of the media coverage of its main cast. Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel are charisma in its purest form and have fallen in love from day one, counting on a solid fan base in our country that is aware of every step they take. As if that were not enough, the actors have not been able to resist their mutual charms and the large amount of time they have spent together during filming and their chemistry has ended up also moving to real life, confirming that they were an official couple a few months ago. The dream of any ‘shipper’.

With the second season released on Divinity, it might help to have a small guide to the immediate future of Love is in the air, in which we collect all the data we have to date:

When does ‘Love is in the air’ season 1 end?

Season 1 of Love is in the air It comes to a definitive end this Friday, August 6 at 5:45 p.m. at Divinity. As you already know, the chain has been announcing for several days that it is in the middle of the final stretch and has taken advantage of the news of the release date of the second installment to confirm that the first stage of Serkan and Eda’s love story is coming to an end the last day of the week.

The Mediaset thematic chain has remained faithful to the daily broadcast of the series in its afternoon slot, while Telecinco relegated it from its weekly broadcast in ‘prime time’ at dawn a few weeks ago causing the absolute anger of the fans.

In addition to Divinity and Telecinco in the open, each episode of Love is in the air It is available on MiTele, Mediaset’s ‘on demand’ platform.

When does ‘Love is in the air’ season 2 premiere?

As Divinity just announced, the season 2 premiere of Love is in the air It will take place next Monday, August 9 at 5:45 p.m. at Divinity, where we hope that it will continue to be the subject of the broadcast from Monday to Friday that had been done to date.

The debut of the second season took place in Turkey last spring while, since last July, the new episodes had also been accessed from Spain through the Mitele PLUS payment platform.

Where can season 2 of ‘Love is in the air’ be seen?

The thematic chain of Mediaset has been quite blunt in the statement announcing the premiere of the new installment of the series: “Only at Divinity”.

Season 2 of ‘Love is in the Air’ already has an open premiere date in Spain (and the wait is really short)

Thus, for now we can count on the broadcast taking place on Divinity and not on Telecinco, but also bearing in mind that the main channel could change its strategy from one day to the next and, who knows? That just like relegated Love is in the air At dawn just a few weeks ago, decide that the month of August with its ups and downs is a good time to premiere the second season in style.

Likewise, the episodes will be available for free on Mitele after they are broadcast on Divinity.

How will season 1 of ‘Love is in the air’ end?

As we have seen in its last week, things will continue to get difficult for Serkan and Eda in the final stretch of the first installment. Now that they finally seemed able to live their love unhindered and relieved to learn that Selin’s son was not Serkan’s, the couple set out to fulfill a dream and move to live in a van overlooking the Aegean.

Eda is really excited about the idea, but what the girl does not know is that her boyfriend has just been diagnosed with a serious brain tumor that has surprised even the doctors themselves. Desperately, Serkan decides that it is better to hide the bad news from his girlfriend, but she will find out anyway.

We can also tell you that the end of the first season is open, but luckily there will be no wait between both deliveries.

How does season 2 of ‘Love is in the air’ start?

We can describe it in two words: Temporal jump. Sure enough, when season 2 of Love is in the air starts, several years have passed since Eda discovered with surprise and terror Serkan’s medical tests. What has happened in that period of time we will discover little by little, but unfortunately the couple will have distanced themselves when we meet them again.

Eda has settled in and gone to live in Italy and, furthermore, we know from the advance that she now has a daughter. Is she Serkan’s daughter? What has distanced the couple? Are there chances for your love story to end well once and for all?

We will answer them all, one by one, starting on Monday, August 9 at 5:45 p.m. in Divinity.

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