Several scenes of ‘Young Highnesses’ (one of them very romantic) were improvised by the actors – Noticias de series


This has been revealed by one of the protagonists Eving Ryding answering questions from fans. When is the renewal for a second season?


Netflix’s new Swedish original series Young Highnesses has been on the streaming platform for several weeks and, although during all this time it has not reached the top of the most popular positions, it has remained in the top 10 of the coveted carousel for a long time. Many are those who have already given a chance to the Nordic ‘teen’ series, which since its debut was compared with two of the great titles of the ‘on demand’ service of the great N, Elite Y The Crown, and have been captivated by the love story of Simon and Wilhem. Most of them are already waiting for the news of the renewal for a second installment, but, while Netflix confirms its future, we will have to settle for knowing more in-depth details of the series and discovering some curiosities.

If you have seen Young Highnesses You will agree that the key to the success of the Netflix series is the love story between its two protagonists, Simon (Omar Rudberg) and Wilhem (Edvin Ryding), who meet when the second, royal heir, begins to study in the elite Hillerska school. The relationship between the two is as sincere and real as it is complicated, since while Simon is clear about what he feels and what he wants, Wilhem does not dare to let his thing become the talk of everyone and reach his family.

The work that the two young actors do as the main characters and the chemistry that exists between them is key for the love story between Simon and Wilhem to be perceived even more real, so congratulations for them, but there are another detail about his work that is also worthy of admiration. Despite their young age, the actors have improvised a few scenes in the first season of the series and this has been assured at various times by the protagonist Edving Ryding.

Edvin Ryding triumphs on Netflix with ‘Young Highnesses’, but he was already a star on Swedish television

He has done so primarily by answering questions from fans on Twitter, where he has shown great respect for his followers and much appreciation for the support of his work. Proof of this is the countless number of questions that he has answered in the aforementioned social network since the series was released and that includes everything from filming anecdotes to more personal questions.

Among the scenes that he has acknowledged having improvised we find one in the first episode, in which Erik and Wilhem fall in the grass when they run away, another in the second when they are in the library or the very tender moment in which Wilhelm surrounds Simon with his hand when he is talking about his fish and kisses him on the neck. Apparently, this last moment caused a chill in Omar Rudberg, who came to forget his lines, but the scene was most real.

As Ryding explained to his followers, improvised scenes emerge naturally and eventually become part of the final footage, but the series team does not expressly ask them to do so, so zero pressure:

We don’t have to improvise. We have the opportunity to improvise because we have a great script by great people and wonderful directors.

Since Young Highnesses saw the light on Netflix viewers have wondered if the series will continue for a second installment in the future. Cwith Wilhelm and Simon still in love and much to explore within the walls of Hillerska, everything seems to point to a renewal, but the streaming platform has not confirmed it officially.

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