The characters who already have their survival assured in ‘The Walking Dead’


Season 11 of the zombie fiction has just said goodbye to its second part and is preparing to give us the final outcome of the series.

season 11 of The Walking Dead He has just said goodbye to his second half, so his millions of fans around the world have to prepare for something that is going to happen yes or yes: that his next batch of episodes, the third part of the eleventh installment, put the finishing touch definitive to the more than 10 years of history of zombie fiction. The premiere is scheduled for autumn this year and there will be eight episodes that make up a final stretch that will undoubtedly be full of emotions.

Although the details, how could it be otherwise, are kept absolutely secret, the filming of the final episode of the AMC series came to an end just a couple of weeks ago and some of the protagonists and members of the team behind the cameras shared tender farewells on social networks. However, although we could see goodbye messages in the accounts of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus, the ‘showrunner’ Angela Kang or the veteran director of the series Greg Nicotero, the truth is that the cast has had to be cautious at the time to reveal too much.

There is no doubt that some survivors will fall by the wayside and perhaps their death will have occurred before the filming of the final episode, so we will still have to wait a bit to read all the farewell messages that will surely be produced throughout of this stage of pure nostalgia that means saying goodbye to such a long-running series.

Nevertheless, there are some characters who, still far from knowing how it ends The Walking DeadThey have outlived their survival. After all, there are several confirmed spin-offs and movies on the horizon, which guarantees the permanence in this world of some beloved characters. Take note!


He is one of the characters not belonging to Robert Kirkman’s comics for whom the series bet heavily in the first season and it didn’t take too long for him to become the absolute star of fiction (with permission from Rick Grimes). Armored by the audience, Daryl is pure toughness and sweetness at the same time and the best partner you would want to have in the apocalypse.

After Rick’s departure, Daryl is considered the leader and protagonist and the commission of a ‘spin-off’, still untitled, starring the motorcycle lover and his faithful friend Carol, ensures that he is still alive when The Walking Dead come to an end.


Like Daryl, Carol has been a part of the cast of the series since the first season. Despite the fact that her counterpart in the comics dies relatively soon – in prison – Carol has managed to survive in the series and become a key player whose vital plot has been full of twists and turns.

A character played by Melissa McBride, full of ups and downs but whom we all adore and who will continue to be present in Daryl’s life when the series comes to an end, since together they will star in the ‘spin-off’ commissioned at the time of announcing that the season 11 would be the last.


His entry into the scene took place in season 2, but Maggie is still a great veteran despite having been out of the series for a while so that the actress who plays the character, Lauren Cohan, had time to carry out another professional project. .

Maggie’s journey, like the previous ones, has been tortuous and has bottomed out several times. Badly scarred by her loss, the young woman has turned out to be an incredible leader and the best mother to Glenn’s son, Hershel, so thankfully her story won’t be over when we say goodbye to the series forever. She will star, as confirmed, a ‘spin-off’ with Negan called Isle of the Dead and set in Manhattan.


The most unlikely companion for Maggie is precisely the one who has become her companion in the ‘spin-off’ series Isle of the Dead set in Manhattan to be released in 2023.

Nothing is known about what will lead them there, but his survival is guaranteed after the character started out as the great villain leader of the Saviors who ruined the lives of some for a time. After losing the war, he became a prisoner and later redeemed himself by helping to put an end to the Whisperers, but never became a full member of the group. Now part of a new community, he has married and is expecting a child, but with the Maggie series on the horizon, new twists seem to be just around the corner.

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