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The adaptation of the homonymous novel by Jack Carr arrives this Friday, July 1 on Prime Video with Chris Pratt and Taylor Kitsch as protagonists.

Seven years ago we said goodbye to comedy Parks and Recreation in which Chris Pratt was the protagonist. Now, the American actor who has already become a Hollywood star returns to the small screen to play an ex-military man in the final list. Along with him we find an excellent Taylor Kitsch (friday night lights) and the consolidated director Antoine Fuqa (Guilty) goes behind the scenes to direct the first episode. The eight episodes of the new series of Prime Video They arrive on the streaming platform tomorrow, Friday, July 1.

In SensaCinema We had the opportunity to attend the presentation of The terminal list on the 61st edition of the Montecarlo Festival on June 18, where the Spanish was also presented a private matter. An event in style in which we were able to talk with Kitsch, Fuqua and the producer and ‘showrunner’ David DiGilio (Traveler).

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Jack Carr, the final list follows the story of James Reece (Pratt) after surviving an ambush. The former soldier participated in a high-risk operation where his entire marine platoon lost their lives. James returns home, but the conflicting memories and questions about his guilt they do not let him lead a normal life. As he learns new evidence, the protagonist realizes that there is a terrifying conspiracy against him and, therefore, James and all his loved ones are in danger.

A great responsibility

Kitsch gets into the skin of Ben, an ex-military man and now a CIA agent. “’My character is the only one who shows empathy for his former comrade, the only one trying to help him. But all this magnanimity should be more suspicious than reassuring, you never know what may be behind the facade,” the actor confesses to SensaCine.

The actor claims he is “A great responsibility to play a part of the Seal community”. At the same time, he also feels “very flattered” and considers it a great challenge to embody “someone bigger than yourself”. “I love being a part of this important community in some way,” says Kitsch.

It’s an incredible responsibility to play someone who has served and received the Medal of Honor posthumously.

Kitsch is not the first time that he has played a character based on a real person. For him, all his characters have contributed a lot, but when he is a person who has really lived, it is different. “It is very nice to be able to tell those true stories”, comments the actor to SensaCine. In addition, he points out that working with “Antoine and Pratt has been a real honor and a lot of fun.”

An authentic series with a lot of action

Antoine Fuqua, a director with an innate talent for action, assures that the final list it is a “true roller coaster in series form”. A statement affirmed by the creator DiGilio and to which he adds that the success of this series is in “the great combination between action, which is its backbone, and the quiet and emotional moments”.

To create the Pratt series, Fuqua and DiGilio surrounded themselves with military-savvy technical advisors. “We had to be incredibly authentic on the military side of the show.So I made sure to have veterans in the room, including a former special operator, a former Army Ranger named Max Adams.”

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If you are a lover of thrillers, military stories and conspiraciesyou can’t miss the final list on Prime Video. From July 1 you have an appointment with this show that is not wasted.

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