The most murky behind-the-scenes images of ‘The Boys’


Curious about what’s going on on set? From actors posing before giant prostheses or covered in blood but with a big smile, to images that show how certain shoots were carried out.

If you are a fan of TheBoys you already know that the star series of Prime Video is characterized by not having any fear when it comes to showing explicit violence, kilos of viscera, disturbing sex scenes or any of the “crazies” that crossed their minds in their day both Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the creators behind the comic book saga on which the fiction is inspired.

The creator of the series, Eric Kripke, has the confidence of Amazon Studios and, as he has assured, rarely – or directly, not at all -, they have put some kind of hit on him. Thus, the one who was ‘showrunner’ of Supernatural has dared to take on all kinds of impossible challenges, from “exploding whales and ten-foot penises,” as he described his own series when it was nominated for Best Series at the Emmys, to adapting the plot of the comics that Nobody thought that it would be possible to see it on the screen without censorship: the famous Herogasm that has caused so much talk.

Just as the images we see on screen are sometimes disturbing, some of the behind-the-scenes photos that come from the set can also be murky. From actors posing before giant prostheses built for certain scenes or full of blood but with a big smile, to images that show how certain shoots were carried out.

Of our selection, they are all that are, but not all that are. We’ve cut ourselves a bit, but if you’re curious about what’s going on on the set of the Prime Video series, check out the images below.


Instagram / Brett Geddes

The actor behind the character of Termite is called Brett Geddes and on his social networks he is leaving us real images to remember from the shooting of season 3 and some, like this one, are really creepy. His character has given us scenes that promise to be among the most memorable, like the one he stars in during the orgy of ‘Herogasm’ (3×06), in which he ends up covered in cocaine.


Instagram / Brett Geddes

It is one of the most murky images behind the cameras, it has also been given to us by Brett Geddes from his Instagram account and the truth is that they make us want to enter. If you’ve seen season 3 of The Boys, you’ll be clear about what you’re seeing in the picture: the entrance to a penis, which is exactly what Termina does to pleasure her bedmate from the inside.


Twitter / Stephen Fleet

Another very similar one is the one shared by Stephan Fleet through Twitter, also related to the giant penis that they built down to the smallest detail to be used with all kinds of perspectives. “It’s not often in life that I get permission to post a picture of myself with my arms akimbo in front of a giant penis and three lines of coke,” Fleet wrote in caption accompanying the image.


Instagram / Anthony Starr

It doesn’t matter that these two come out smiling in the photograph shared by Antony Starr on his Instagram account. Between the fact that she is absolutely full of blood and that behind the funny manager of the New Zealand actor we cannot help but perceive the creepy psychopathic gesture of The Patriot, the photograph has earned its place among the most murky.


Instagram / Anthony Starr

And honestly I don’t know if I want to watch or not, but this is the image that Antony Starr, The Patriot, also chose to remind his followers on Instagram that the sixth episode of season 3 was available on Prime Video: “Forged by Satan and Delivered by Amazon, this baby is sure to send you to the confessional, one way or another. And yes, Homie went crazy in between prep,” the actor wrote.


Instagram / Anthony Starr

Antony Starr is the only, possible and inimitable Patriot and there is only one thing that can top his psycho faces in season 2 of The Boys: His psycho faces in season 3 of The Boys.


Instagram / Jack Quaid

About when Jack Quaid, Hughie, cut his hand on a mustard jar.


Twitter / Stephen Fleet

“I remember when we had to clean up all these remains of people a while ago,” commented the special effects expert of the series, Stephen Fleet, in 2020, shortly after the premiere of season 2. The explosions and dismemberments, a hallmark .


Twitter / Stephen Fleet

One of the key scenes of season 2 of The Boys, without a doubt, that of the whale that unfortunately ended up impaled by the boat that Butcher (Karl Urban) was driving. The crew went to great lengths to make it realistic, and while the scene is much murkier than this behind-the-scenes shot from the set, it brings back some “explosive and visceral” memories.


Twitter / Stephen Fleet

Another BTS image of Stephen Fleet that reminds us why The Boys is so genuine.

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