Trivial for those who grew up in the 90s: Can you get a 10 in this test about television? – series news


Here is the ultimate test for the most nostalgic. It shows that those hours in front of the television were worth something.

In the 90s, the most normal thing when there was no school was to be lying in front of the television, with a snack loaded with chocolate next to it and, if necessary, fighting with your brother for control of the remote control. Today this pattern is very outdated. To begin with, because we have the option of hooking up with Netflix or Prime Video on any device and also because the most interesting things no longer happen on the small screen that we all remember. But let nothing take away from us that wisdom that we earn day after day of dazedness with television programming.

Now you can demonstrate everything you learned in your living room with this test. We challenge everyone who grew up in the 90s with a trivia about the series and shows we spend so much time on. From the heifer Grand Prixeven the anime that has united us all: dragon ball or, as it has always been known in Spain, Dragon Ball. And many other series that had us in suspense day after day even though we had already seen them 30 times.

Here’s the ultimate quiz for everyone who grew up in the 90s. If you’re having trouble watching it, try it through this link.



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