What happened to Pilar Soto: her fight against drugs, a trip around the world and her divine revelation. Her transformation after the Grand Prix-Series news


In 2017 he published an autobiographical book called ‘Conversión’ in which he narrates his journey and experiences in recent years.

Pilar Soto42 years old, achieved his television success with the participation in one of the most famous television programs in the history of Spain, the Grand Prix. During the 1999 and 2000 seasons, she shared the screen with the presenter Ramón García, who became an icon thanks to this long-running contest that remained on the air for eleven seasons.

Although Soto became known after her time at the Grand Prix, years before she had been part of other television programs, this time as a pianist, in Basca is understood by speaking, in 1994, with Jesús Vázquez at the helm. Two years later she moved to London to work as a model in the agency Crawford’s.

After his tour of the English capital, Soto returns to Spain to be part of one of the most famous television series in pop culture in our country, Afterclasswhere gave life to Pamela. A year later he would leave fiction to move to the Grand Prix with Ramón García. The program was his great professional springboard and from there he would jump to present with Víctor Sandoval the heart program Mamma Mía.

But, although this stage might seem like a fantasy for Soto, the presenter lived with serious problems of anorexia and bulimia, to which was added her addiction to medication, alcohol, and drugs: “I suffered several overdoses, but I kept working, I lost a lot of weight,” explains Soto in an interview with Deluxe. These facts are revealed in 2014, almost 14 years after it happened to him during his golden stage on television.

These events in Soto’s life completely changed his way of living life, especially when in the midst of a crisis went to God: “I knew that I was dying. At that moment, I called out to Christ, and with the eyes of my soul I saw his face. He was still on the cross, crying. And I thought: My God, what have I done? Excuse me sir“, reveals Soto.

From that moment, the Madrilenian claims to have overcome all kinds of addiction and her absolute dedication to Catholicism. YoHe entered the convent of Las Clarisas in Madridejos, Toledo, where he worked on his eating behavior disorders. Later, the Madrilenian decided to start a trip around the world, especially to places that had a very special relationship with Catholicism, such as: Los Angeles, San Junípero Serra, (Mexico), Madrid’s Valley of the Fallen, Medjugore (France), Fátima (Portugal), Lourdes (France) and the monastery of Guadalupe (Cáceres). Also, in 2014, when he witnessed the beatification of John Paul II live. In that year, Soto decided to make his profession of perpetual vows of poverty, chastity and obedience as Secular Franciscan of the Third Order.

The destination that culminated this trip was the Holy Landwhich according to The worldmarked him forever: “It has been an exciting journey, spectacular. I remember I burst into tears at a lake in Galilee, I got very excited. I was also baptized again in the Jordan… We couldn’t go to the Wailing Wall because it was raining… But we could go to the Holy Sepulchre. Listening to mass in Gethsemane was spectacular. And go to Bethlehem, amazing…” Soto said.

This divine revelation marked a before and after in the career of the Grand Prix stewardess, so much so that she wanted to capture her journey and experience in the book Conversion. His work for Catholicism has not been inconvenient for Soto to combine his profession on television programs such as Popular TV and Intereconomies. In addition, he has made incursions in the COPE chain and has written in the Alpha and Omega section, the Catholic weekly of ABC.

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