Hugh Grant to Play the Greek God Zeus in Netflix Series Kaos

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Netflix has assembled its ensemble cast for the upcoming series chaosand it includes Hugh grant in a major role. Per Deadline, the series will star Grant as the famous Greek god Zeus. Other members of the star-studded cast include Janet McTeer (Ozarks), Cliff Curtis (Fear the Walking Dead), David Thewlis (Fargo), Killian Scott (dublin murderers), Misia Butler (The School for Good and Evil), Leila Farzad (I Hate Suzie), Nabhaan Rizwan (Station Eleven), Rakie Ayola (The Pact), and Stanley Townsend (The Current War). Aurora Perrineau (Prodigal Son) is also featured in the series.

What’s unique about chaos is that it brings a contemporary take to Greek mythology. These gods will be more reminiscent of your average humans might behave if they were almighty gods, and this includes the plot focusing on Zeus growing insecure about his aging. This Zeus is described as “seemingly all-powerful, yet desperately insecure and vengeful,” a god who “has long enjoyed his status as King of The Gods. That is, until he wakes up one morning and discovers a wrinkle on his forehead. Neurosis then sets in, setting him off on a dangerous, paranoid path. Zeus becomes convinced his fall is coming – and starts to see signs of it everywhere.”


Consisting of eight episodes, the Netflix series was created and written by Charlie Covell. George Banks-Davies (I Hate Suzie) serves as lead director and executive produces with Jane Featherstone (Chernobyl, This is Going to Hurt), Chris Fry (Chernobyl, Landscapers), and Nina Lederman. Katie Carpenter (Landscapers, Flowers), Harry Munday (Landscapers, White Lines), and Michael Eagle-Hodgson (Gangs of London Season 2) are also producing for Sister. Georgia Christou is writing Episode 6 and Runyararo Mapfumo is directing the second block.

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Zeus Will Present a New Take on the Greek God

In a statement, Covel slaid, “I’m absolutely thrilled to be making chaosand I can’t think of a more exciting or dynamic team of people to bring everything to life,” Georgi and Runyararo are both visionary directors with pleasingly dark senses of humor — I’m delighted to be working with them both. I believe I’m still in shock at the news that Hugh Grant has agreed to play Zeus — this was my dream. He’s leading a stupendous cast of actors and we’re extremely honored to have them all on board. I can’t wait for filming to begin.”

Sister’s Featherstone and Fry went on to add: “Ditch everything you think you might know about the Greek myths, because Charlie’s re-imagining of the inner workings of Mount Olympus is completely unexpected and endlessly brilliant. With Hugh Grant as Zeus, King of the Gods, and the hugely talented Georgi Banks-Davies and Runyararo Mapfumo on directorial duties, the mythological world he and his fellow gods inhabit are set to come to life in the most epic of ways and we’ re thrilled and privileged to work alongside them and Netflix as they create some chaos in the world.”

chaos does not yet have an official premiere date set at Netflix.

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