Moon Knight Writer Has Not Discussed a Second Season With Marvel

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Despite Moon Knight being a huge success, writer Jeremy Slater says there are currently no plans for another season.

As the MCU continues to expand, the problem of how to continue bringing back popular characters and not overload the system is always going to become a larger problem. While many projects have navigated this by teaming up heroes in movies such as Thor: Ragnarök and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, that does not help stand-alone characters such as Moon Knight. Although the Oscar Isaac-led Disney+ series proved to be immensely popular with fans, it was not connected in any way to other MCU events, and according to its writer, it may well remain as a one-off limited series for the time being.

Jeremy Slater ended Moon Knight with a post-credit scene that introduced Marc Spector’s third personality, and left everything open to a follow-up season. However, according to Slater, he has not spoken to Marvel Studios at all about what a second series would be like. I have told The Playlist:


“I honestly have no idea. I haven’t had any conversations with Marvel. I think a lot of those decisions are ultimately going to be in the hands of Kevin Feige because he’s the guy with the master plan. And of course, Oscar Isaac , because he’s not signed up for the sort of traditional seven-film contract or whatever other actors have signed. Oscar has the ability to do as much or as little Moon Knight as he wants to. I think he had a great time playing the character , and I think he really enjoyed the process and is happy he did it. But I also think he’s not a guy who’s going to rush in and just sort of churn out a sequel just because the first one was popular.”

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Moon Knight Has Been Rumored To Appear Again In The MCU

As Marvel Studios continue to delve into the darker side of the MCU with the likes of Blade and Werewolf by Night, both of these characters have been rumored to meet up with Moon Knight at one point or another. However, with no plans seemingly in place for Moon Knight’S imminent return those rumors could turn out to be a little premature. Slater added that the other thing any future return for Marc Spector would rely on Oscar Isaac. I have continued:

“Again, I don’t want to speak for him and put words in his mouth, but my guess is he’s going to want to make sure that there’s an actual story worth telling and that he gets to go to places that he didn’t get to go in this first one and challenge himself in new ways.My hope and dream is that we see him again in some form in the MCU, but I have no idea when that will be or what form it will take. in the dark like everyone else.”

The whole series of Moon Knight is currently available on Disney+ along with the rest of the MCU saga, including the new episode of current series, Ms Marvelwhich arrived today.

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