Rugrats Reboot Trailer Arrives Ahead of Paramount + Debut Later This Month

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Paramount + has unveiled the official trailer for the new Rugrats reboot series. Featuring the same basic premise as the original series, the new version of the show follows one-year-old baby Tommy Pickles and his pals as they go imaginative adventures while their parents are preoccupied. The difference now is that the series consists of colorful CG-animation. You can watch the new trailer below.

While the new look might take some getting used to for old fans of the franchise, the Rugrats reboot will at least sound familiar. The surviving original voice cast will return to voice the baby characters, including EG Daily as Tommy Pickles, Kath Soucie as Phil and Lil, Cheryl Chase as Angelica Pickles, and Cree Summer as Susie Carmichael. Nancy Cartwright, who previously voiced Chuckie Finster following original voiceover artist Christine Cavanaugh’s passing, also returns.

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“How I feel when I get to reprise my role as Chuckie in The Rugrats reboot, “Cartwright posted in 2019 after she was cast for the reboot, including a photo of herself beaming.

Though Kath Soucie also voiced Phil and Lil’s mother Betty DeVille in the original series and will return to voice the twin babies, Natalie Morales takes over as the voice of Betty in the new Rugrats. All of the other adults also have new voice actors, such as Tommy Dewey as Stu Pickles, Ashley Rae Spillers as Didi Pickles, Anna Chlumsky as Charlotte Pickles, Timothy Simons as Drew Pickles, Tony Hale as Chas Finster, Michael McKean as “Grandpa” Lou Pickles, Nicole Byer as Dr. Lucy Carmichael, and Omar Benson Miller as Randy Carmichael.

The original Rugrats aired on Nickelodeon for nine seasons between 1991 and 2004. A big hit with audiences, the series spawned a franchise that would also make its way into theaters. The Rugrats Movie, which introduced Tommy’s younger brother Dil Pickles, was released in 1998. Rugrats in Paris: The Movie followed in 2000 with the crossover movie Rugrats go wild following in 2003. It also was given a sequel series All Grown Up!, which aired from 2003 to 2008 and followed older versions of all of the same characters.

When the Rugrats reboot was announced in 2018, it was also reported that the franchise would be given a live-action movie adaptation as well. Originally, the movie was going to be released in November 2020 before it was later pushed to January of this year. In 2019, Paramount removed the movie from its release schedule entirely, and the animated series reboot was also delayed. While the new cartoon series is now finally making its way to Paramount +, there’s been no new updates on the planned movie.

Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó, and Paul Germain created the original series as well as the Paramount + reboot .. The trio are also on board to serve as executive producers on the reboot. The new Rugrats will begin streaming on Paramount + on May 27. In the meantime, you can revisit the original series on the streaming service as well. The official trailer for the reboot series comes to us from Paramount + on YouTube.

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