The Nevers Star Laura Donnelly Joins Marvel’s Werewolf by Night For Disney +

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The Nevers star Laura Donnelly has joined Gael Garcia Bernal in the upcoming Marvel Halloween special for Disney + Werewolf by Night, coming to the streaming platform for the Halloween season. Although the plot details for the special are under wraps, we know that it will only be a one-shot special.

We believe Garcia Bernal could be playing a character based on the Marvel character Werewolf by Night, who can transform into a werewolf while retaining human intellects. We have no official word yet as far as what role Donnelly is playing. However, if Garcia Bernal is or could be Werewolf by Night, she potentially could be Nina Price, who becomes Vampire by Night. Price is the niece of the character Jack Russell / Werewolf by Night and a vampire / werewolf hybrid. She carried the Lycan gene and was changed after being bitten by a vampire.


The special is set to begin production in the next few months. Donnelly is best known for her lead role as Amalia True in HBO’s series The Nevers. She also appeared in Outlander and Brit series Britannia and The Fall, as well as movies Tolkien and The Program. Donnelly won an Olivier Award in 2018 for her performance in The Ferryman, and she starred opposite Hugh Jackman in the Broadway rendition of The River.

Mozart in the Jungle and The Motorcycle Diaries star Garcia Bernal most recently was seen in the M. Night Shyamalan film Old and HBO Max series Station Eleven. Upcoming, he has Jennifer Lopez-led feature The Mother and Amazon film Cassandro.


Werewolf by Night was created by Gerry Conway, Jeanie Thomas and Mike Ploog. Russell first appeared in Marvel Spotlight No.2 in 1972. After that, he became a regular character by headlining the series Werewolf by Night that ended in 1977 after 43 issues. Russell, since birth, is cursed to be an enchanted Lycanthrope – a creature capable of shape-shifting from a human being into a werewolf and eventually without the aid of a full moon. He also retained full use of their mental faculties in this form.

Raised in Los Angeles with his sister, Lissa, he first became a werewolf at 18 and discovered his stepfather Philip Russell was actually his biological uncle. Blaming his uncle for the curse, Jack struggled with his changes into a werewolf during a full moon, though despite them, Jack mainly was reliable in taking precautions. Jack, at some point, encountered “The Three Who Are All,” of whom allowed him to change from man to beast at will.

This is a pretty exciting show or special to adapt for Marvel / Disney, as it deals with some of the more darker characters. However, it does cross over with some other developments coming soon to Disney +, such as Moon Knight. These two crossed paths plenty of times and with the new Moon Knight series set to debut this year as well, we could see a cameo or a connection. Some of the other characters that our famous werewolf has run into would be Daredevil, Wolverine and Spider-Man. Needless to say, we could see more than a one-shot holiday special in the future.

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